Custom Design Options
for Pool Shading


Important factors in pool canopy design:

  • What are we shading?

Often times we are not trying to shade the pool, but the people sitting or lounging around it. Even the difference in seating at tables versus reclining on loungers affects the canopy design. Of the many design options to choose from, it is important to select the one that is most functional and cost effective.

  • Aesthetics

Again, there are dozens of shade structure design styles and color options, offering many opportunities for creative expression. As professional custom designers, it is one of our most important responsibilities to analyze and advise you as to the optimal solution for both function and aesthetic appeal.

  • Size, height and placement

Proper placement, dimensions and overhead clearance should result in shading the needed area at the times protection is needed. Our careful planning ensures these design elements.

  • Site concerns

Pool sites create unique challenges during construction, with typically a maze of underground plumbing and wiring. Our experience in the installation of hundreds of pool structures allows us to guarantee against damage to your infrastructure.