We Are Going to the Dogs!


Specializing in dog parks, animal, pet care & livestock facilities.

  • Size, height and placement

Proper placement, dimensions and overhead clearance should result in shading the needed area at the times protection is needed. Our careful planning ensures these design elements to keep dogs, pets, livestock and other animals shaded.

  • Design Options

There are dozens of tensioned fabric design types, and typically there will be one of these that is the most cost effective and functional for any specific application. It is one of our most important responsibilities to analyze and advise you as to these options, and select the optimal solution.

  • Professionally Engineered

Our engineers are the finest in the industry, and each shade canopy is custom designed and engineered to assure proper wind load strength. We are glad to provide PSE engineering certification and sealed drawings if needed.

  • Reliability

As in most industries, there is a wide variation in quality between products. From the engineering, through manufacturing and final on-site installation, we have an unequaled reputation for the quality of our canopies.