Richard WoodIn the summer of 1996, I received a call from Region 20 Head Start, a major client of my playground design and equipment company. Due to the extreme heat in South Texas, they had been purchasing canopies for their play equipment, but were unhappy with continuing problems and lack of response from their current vendors. I was told that I would be expected to provide and install shade structures along with our play equipment for all future projects.

The demand for playground shade soon expanded to pools, covered parking, outdoor dining, car washes, athletic fields and even livestock and equestrian shade! This led us to establish a new company to provide high quality, engineered and custom designed shade structures: Austin Custom Shades, Inc.

Early on I noticed that most shade structures were poorly designed to actually provide shade where it was needed. In fact, canopies should never be sited directly over where the shade is needed. The sun never comes from directly overhead (except at high noon on the equator!). This is especially important mid-afternoon, when the sun is most intense.

Consequently we developed customized software, to enable custom CAD designing to optimize the shade profiles. This capability is exclusive to Austin Custom Shades.

With a commitment to excellence in design, quality control, and installation, we have grown to become a major resource for homeowners associations, schools, hotels and resorts, and business enterprises.

Thank you for your interest,

Richard Wood