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Custom Designed Shade Canopies Austin Texas

Custom Designed Shade Canopies Austin Texas

A Custom Designed Shade Canopy Will Enhance The Beauty And Functionality Of Your Company’s Property And Public Areas

Custom Designed Shade Canopy

A Beautiful Multi Sail configuration Of A Custom Designed Shade Canopy From Austin Custom Shades

A custom designed shade canopy can make your companies properties more attractive and usable year round. The fabrics used by Austin Custom Shades can reduce temperatures by as much as 32%. That means on a summer day with a temperature of 90 degrees Fahrenheit in the sun, under a custom shade canopy, the temperature could feel around 62 degrees Fahrenheit. these fabrics are breathable, meaning unlike other types of shade structures, they don’t become stuffy of stifling due to heat retention.

The custom designed shade canopy also protect from most other acclimate weather, like rain, snow, hail, and the likes. This means your property can be enjoyed most of the year round. So many places would be more actively used if shade we’re provided to your clients and employees.

Next there is the simple beatification factor of a custom designed shade canopy, for your individual company’s needs and your property, to remember. These ornate structures range from small and simple, like an umbrella over a table or a semi-cantilevered design over a bench or walkway, to multi hip roofs, hypar sails, triangular sails, or ultra fancy multi sail configurations that will astound your clientele  and passers by with their stunning beauty and artistic flair.

For your city, county, state, church, business, or any other public need of a custom designed shade solutions call us at (512) 271-9870 or email, or send us a message today. We’ll have you covered in no time!

Custom designed shade solutions for parks in Austin Texas

Custom designed shade solutions for parks in Austin Texas

Custom Designed Shade Solutions Should Be Provided In All Public Parks In Austin And Throughout Texas.

Austin Custom Shades custom shade solution for walkway in park.

A Custom Designed Shade Solution Protecting Park Goers

As with any outdoor recreational daytime activity, the need for shade at public skate parks is paramount, and Austin Custom Shades is the leading manufacturer of shade structures for public recreational areas.

Once a need for shade at public pools, parks, skate parks, and other public recreational areas was overlooked. Now, with the U.S. Environmental Agency and Centers For Disease Control And Prevention providing recommendations for the need for shade, making shade a health and safety matter, therefor a high priority, most parks and recreation facilities realize the need for providing shade to protect park goers.

It is estimated that one in five Americans will develop skin cancer in their lifetime, and possibly higher in states like Texas where higher levels of sun, and a greater number of outdoor activities are available. That number is rapidly growing in the child age group population. one serious burn could increase the risk by as much as 50%. Custom designed shade solutions can reduce harmful UV radiation by as much as 98%, while reducing temperatures by as much as 32%.

If your public pool, park, rec center, or skate park doesn’t provide shade, contact the city or organization responsible and make a recommendation. Austin Custom Shade has proved custom designed shade solutions for many cities and companies for their outdoor public areas, and can build one for your favorite park too.

For your city, county, state, church, business, or any other public need of a custom designed shade solutions call us at (512) 271-9870 or email, or send us a message today. We’ll have you covered in no time!

Shade Canopies For Parking Areas In Austin

Shade Canopies For Parking Areas In Austin

Austin Custom Shade protects autos with fabric shade canopies.

Parking shade canopies, commercial carports, corporate parking shade structures, covered parking structures, car shelters, & other vehicle parking shelters can have tension fabric or steel roofs to cool hot Austin parking lots or provide weather protection. Tensioned fabric parking structures or shade canopies protect cars, boats, motorcycles, maintenance vehicles, etc.  Used at corporate yards, office buildings, automotive dealerships, hospitals, airports, stadiums, country clubs, industrial parks, shopping centers, apartment complexes and condominiums.

Steel structures are dark, gloomy and suffocating while fabric shade canopies protect from heat and weather while looking attractive and keeping an open air breathable feeling. Custom designed for each application, Austin Custom Shade has the industries finest engineers, best quality materials, over eighteen years experience, and most competitive pricing. If your needs are for a one car space or a thousand car lot, Austin Custom Shade will build the shade canopy for your needs.

Call us at (512) 271-9870 or email, or send us a message today. We’ll have you covered in no time!

Austin Has One Place To Look For Custom Shade Sails

Austin Has One Place To Look For Custom Shade Sails

Shade Sails Are The Chic Solution To shade Your Outdoor Area In Austin

Shade Sails protect and shade your outdoor areas. Also known as Sun Sails, shade sails make beautiful additions to your company’s patio, backyard, or other outdoor areas, and they provide excellent protection from the sun and its harmful UV radiation. A chic shade sail is the perfect alternative to a traditional pergola or covered porch. Floating and curvaceous, Shade Sails make an attractive addition to any property, and with the right design, they can enhance the existing property with artistic or architectural flair and style.

Shade Sails are the ultimate in stylish sun protection. Courtyards, pool areas, gardens, children’s play areas, car spaces, and even entry ways can all benefit from the cool good looks of a Shade Sail solution. Available in a variety of shapes, colors, and materials, Shade Sails are a decorative and affordable way to create shade that will keep you more comfortable in hot weather. These state of the art materials block the sun’s harmful UV rays yet remain totally unaffected by moisture and natural temperature extremes.

Call us at (512) 271-9870 or email, or send us a message today. We’ll have you covered in no time!

Custom Commercial Shade Solutions

Custom Commercial Shade Solutions

Let Austin Custom Shades Spruce Up Your Grounds With Beautiful Custom Commercial Shade Solutions

 Comercial Shade Canopy

A Custom Commercial Shade Canopy Can Be A Beautiful Addition To Your Companies Grounds

The grounds outside your business is the first impression you relay to your customers. Why not show off your grounds with artistically designed Custom Commercial Shade Solutions. These shade canopies are designed to cool and create shade, for benches, picnic tables, playgrounds, pools, tropical gardens, or just artistic pleasure. They can truly spruce up your public areas, and give your business front a facelift.

With our highly competitive pricing, industry outstanding warranty, and unequaled reputation for the quality of our Custom Commercial Shade Solutions, your company can rest assured that they have purchased the best professionally engineered shade canopy available.

Our designs do more that just create shade though, with design options like: The hypar Sail, The Full Cantilever, Center post umbrella, And Multi Sail Configurations, your company will portray an image of taste, refinement, and harmony with with your surroundings.

Call us at (512) 271-9870 or email, or send us a message today. We’ll have you covered in no time!


Other Uses For Custom Designed Shade Canopies

Other Uses For Custom Designed Shade Canopies

Think Of The Things You Can Cover With A Custom Designed Shade Canopy

Custom Designed Shade Canopy

A Custom Designed Shade Canopy Protecting Your Car, Boat, Or RV.

While the common uses for custom designed shade canopies like picnic tables, benches, playgrounds and decks or patios are well known and accepted, there are many other uses that could be very beneficial.

The sun and rain are both damaging to items kept outdoors. Having a custom designed shade canopy to protect those items will reduce damage due to exposure, extending their life.

That beautiful boat doesn’t get out on the lake every day. When it’s on it’s trailer, the sun and rain are trying to sink it. A custom designed shade canopy can keep it lake ready.

What about that RV? The sun and Rain are certainly not doing it any favors, and resealing the roof of an RV is not cheep. A custom designed shade canopy can save you those costly repairs.

A Custom Designed Shade Canopy

Here Is A Custom Designed Shade Canopy From Austin Custom Shade Protecting A Tropical Flower Garden.

Is it too hot and sunny out for that garden you’ve always wanted? A custom designed shade canopy can give the partial shade and cooler temperatures to build that tropical delight.

Think of that car restoration project, while your working on returning a car to it’s former glory, the sun and weather are trying to send it to it’s final resting place. A custom designed shade canopy can protect it.

Does your swimming pool get neglected during the hottest days of summer because it’s just to sunny and hot to really enjoy? A custom designed shade canopy can get you back out enjoying your pool. Think of the different ways, cover the whole pool for best sun protection it you have sun sensitive skin, cover just a portion of the pool for the best of both worlds, cover a portion of the decking or patio for lounging in the sun or shade. The options are almost endless.

Thinking of adding on a big expensive carport? Look at the styles of custom designed shade canopies that would look fantastic, protect your cars and save you money, and still have an open ans airy feel

Think of all the uses i didn’t think of! Call today with your idea of how a custom designed shade canopy can help you.

Call us at (512) 271-9870 or email, or send us a message today. We’ll have you covered in no time!

It’s Time For Some Shade! Custom Shade!

It’s Time For Some Shade! Custom Shade!

Summer Is Coming, Custom Shade Is The Word Of The Day

Custom Shade Canopy

Enjoy Your Pool, Playground, And Patio More This Summer With A Custom Shade Canopy

With the summer heat upon us early this year, it looks like we’re in for a scorcher this summer. Austin Custom Shades has the perfect custom solution for you. Whether for  a  public pool, playground, patio, or just a favorite relaxing spot outside, adding a custom shade canopy will help you stay cooler so you can enjoy your time outdoors longer.

Austin Custom Shades builds the best custom designed, professionally engineered shade canopies. We have eighteen years experience in commercial shade design and installation. We insure proper placement, eave height, and dimensions to insure shade where it is needed through out the day.

With many design options on our shade canopies like: Hypar Sails, Cantilevered Umbrellas, Multi Hip Roofs, Hexagonal, and Multi Sail Configuration, to name but a few, your sure to find some shade that will fit your location and your lifestyle.

Don’t let the sun ruin your summer, with highly competitive pricing, and an unequaled reputation for quality, a custom shade canopy from Austin Custom Shades is all you need to stay out and enjoy this coming summer.

Call us at (512) 271-9870 or email, or send us a message today. We’ll have you covered in no time!

Shade Conopies and Your Health

Shade Conopies and Your Health

Shade Canopies Can Reduce Health Risks Of Sun Exposure

Shade Canopies Protection From UV Rays

Protection From UV Rays With Shade Canopies From Austin Custom Shade.

As spring is here, and summer is around the corner, we all are spending more and more time outdoors. There are many health concerns with extended or prolonged exposure to the sun. Even on overcast days the ozone layer depletion decreases our atmosphere’s natural protection from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays. Austin Custom Shades builds shade canopies to protect you, your children, friends, employees, and students.

Sun related health issues include: skin cancer (one in five Americans will develop skin cancer in their lifetime) ,Melanoma (the most serious form of skin cancer), basal cell carcinomas (the most common type of skin cancer tumors), squamous cell carcinomas(tumors that may appear as nodules or as red, scaly patches), and other UV-related skin disorders include actinic keratoses and premature aging of the skin. Research has shown that UV radiation increases the likelihood of certain cataracts. Scientists have also found that overexposure to UV radiation may suppress proper functioning of the body’s immune system and the skin’s natural defenses.

Protection from exposure by use of commercial shade canopies at playgrounds, benches, picnic tables, parking areas, and swimming pools can greatly reduce risks of these health issues. We at Austin Custom Shades have over eighteen years experience building shade canopies for commercial applications. We have lots of design options for each of our custom shade canopies.

Contact us about your needs for a custom shade canopy at (512) 271-9870 or email, or send us a message today. We’ll have you covered in no time!

Preparing for the Spring with Shade Canopies

February is almost over, but for event planners and organizers everywhere, it is never too early to plan for the spring. Whether it’s an outdoor wedding reception, or an awards banquet.

This spring, throw away that old torn up canopy you bought at the hardware store. You know – the one with the rip in the corner that doesn’t even pop up all the way. At Austin Custom Shades, we’ve been making canopies for over 25 years. That means we know just what it takes to make a shade canopy capable of handling weekly use for the next ten years.

With our shade canopies, you get reliability and ease-of-use. Featuring four elegant arches, and a tension structure design, our shade canopies stand out in a crowd. Once set up, our shade canopies provide shade and comfort.


The Benefits of Shade Canopies

If you are considering an addition to your home, a shade canopy above your patio or a courtyard offers a long-term solution to a making a desired space more comfortable. Your terrace or courtyard will be shaded from the hot sun light, and offer outdoor shelter during a rainy day. Austin Custom Shades can build a carport or a boathouse to shield your cars and watercraft from the harmful effects of the sun and rain. This will protect your investment and help you save money.

You may even add drop down curtains or roll-up curtains to offer defense against the cold along with (blank) being able to enjoy the additional room and the magnificence of the outdoors. Get in touch with us today! Please contact 512-271-9870.

Shade Structures from Austin Custom Shades to Protect People and Property

The heat and light from the sun is important to our survival, but sometimes too much sun can harm both people and property. If you own a business that has an outdoor area, you will need some shade structures in order to keep patrons from getting too hot or sunburned and property from experiencing fading and other types of damage. UV rays are also known to cause trouble. Shade structures from Austin Custom Shades are the very thing that will provide shade from the sun and protect your assets.

Austin Custom Shades makes shade canopy coverings that provide shade for all kinds of outdoor areas. They can used for commercial or residential purposes. The shade structures also come with durable shade cloth that will hold up under intense weather conditions. Not only can they provide shade, but they can also protect you and your property from the rain, snow and high winds.

Typically, their shade structures are used by businesses ranging from medium-sized to large. Sometimes all that is needed is a simple four-post structure and other times a complex superstructure is needed. Regardless of the size of the job, the designers at Austin Custom Shades are experienced and talented enough to meet the demands of any project handed to them. They can design shade structures in traditional designs which are perfect for covered parking areas or playgrounds. Their functionality and aesthetic appeal will work for just about any landscape. They can be made in the Pyramid style with four posts and four rafters. Or the traditional shade structures can be designed in the Hip & Ridge style which almost the same as the Pyramid except it includes two spider joints and has one ridge down the middle.

Some other shade structures available at Austin Custom Shades are the cantilever styles. They offer the in full and semi styles. These are great shade structures for covered parking lots, bleacher covers, pools and many other options. Shade sails are another type of shade structure available at Austin Custom Shades that have a more artistic flair to it. Dress up your restaurant or playground with it and reap the benefits of having good shade with a bit of creativity.

Commercial awnings are another type of shade structure available at Austin Custom Shades. They are great for entryways and windows. Not only can these structures provide shade, they also help reduce cooling costs dramatically. In hotter places, like Austin, canopies and awnings can help prevent your air conditioning unit from working overtime and that cuts down on high energy costs.


Fabric Structures: History 101

Fabric structures are among the oldest form of architecture, dating back to nomadic times when shelters were made of animal skins and tree branches. Throughout history, they have been adapted in one form or another by different groups of people living in a variety of environmental conditions. These structures have evolved over the years with advances in materials and technology, and are growing in importance today.

Architectural fabric structures—also referred to as tensile membrane structures textile buildings, or fabric roofs, to mention just a few terms—come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They can be inside, outside, permanent, temporary, large, small, air-supported, air-inflated, tensioned, or draped. These unique forms have played a major role in modern architecture, interior design, and special events since the tensile structure type was introduced to the world by the noted German architect and engineer Frei Otto (1925– ).
The term “fabric” refers to the material or membrane used to create these lightweight structures. The material may have an open weave or be constructed of woven base cloths of varying strength, and it is protected by a coating to provide thermal, fire, water, and ultraviolet (UV)-light resistance and protection from the elements.

Today’s fabric structures are designed and constructed independent of geography. They transform space and have both a festive and elegant quality. Fabric structures are used for a variety of purposes. Besides providing temporary housing for garden parties, circuses, and disaster victims, they serve as amphitheaters, sports stadiums, airports, atriums, building facades, interiors for special events, festive pavilions for housing, parks, resorts, and more.

The term “fabric architecture” encompasses not only sophisticated tensioned membrane structures, but also beautiful forms of sculpture, visual display, signage, and shelters made with modern fabrics that can be erected quickly anywhere in the world, either temporarily or permanently. Seeing one of these structures, a viewer might be tempted to think they are nothing but steel, fabric, and cables, but they are not as easy to construct as they look. Architectural fabric structures require a unique collaboration among designers, engineers, manufacturers, fabricators, and installers. The size and extent of the team depend on the complexity of the project.