Specializing in Playground Shade Structures

Important factors in playground canopy design:

  • Safety

The structural elements of the canopy must not conflict with the use zones of the play equipment, a major factor in preventing injuries from falls. We have thirty-three years of experience designing playgrounds, assuring that our structures are done safely.

  • Overhead clearance

Typical play equipment consists of multiple platforms and connecting elements, usually at varying elevations. The canopy should have minimum industry standard clearances, to minimize damage from contact.

  • Size, height and placement

Improper placement, dimensions and entry height will result in leaving much of the needed area in direct sunlight at the times protection is needed, or results in shade where it is not needed! Our proprietary software and careful planning avoids these costly mistakes.

  • Design options

There are dozens of tensioned fabric design types, and typically there will be one of these that is the most cost effective and functional for any specific application. It is one of our most important responsibilities to analyze and advise you as to these options, and select the optimal solution.