General Fabrics Information

The fabrics contain literally millions of tiny spaces that allow air to flow freely through.  This “breathing” effect reduces temperatures beneath by up to 32% when compared to direct sunlight, while providing up to 98% UV protection.

The fabrics have been specifically developed to be extremely strong and stable for use in tensioned shade products.

Through ongoing research our fabrics meet stringent criteria to ensure uncompromising strength, integrity and performance in virtually any weather extreme.



Properties Properties
Nominal fabric mass 10.5 oz/sq yd Nominal fabric Mass 9.63 oz/sq yd
Performance Performance
Tensile Strength-Warp 173 lbs Tensile Strength-Warp 1224 lbf/ft
Elongation at break 101% Elongation at break 68%
Tensile Strength-Weft 414 lbs Tensile Strength-Weft 1768 lbf/ft
Elongation at break 46% Elongation at break 58%
Tear Strength-Warp 46.1 lb Tear Strength-Warp 44.8 lbs
Tear Strength-Weft 37.5 lb Tear Strength-Weft 44.0 lbs
Bursting Pressure 457 psi Bursting Pressure 828 lbf
Temperature Stability -22 F to 167 F Temperature Stability -77 F to 176 F
Flammability Flammability
Tested to NFPA 701 & ASTM E84-00 Meets the California Fire Marshall’s requirements Title 19
Tested to ASTM E84-00