General Conditions:

If the structure is not installed by Austin Custom Shades, the following warranty provisions will be void if installation is not done in strict compliance with specifications.

Purchaser shall notify Austin Custom Shades in writing detailing any defect for which a warranty claim is being made, including detailed photos.

This warranty shall be void if damage to the steel frame or paint is caused by contact with chemicals, misuse, vandalism or any act of God, including but not limited to, ice, snow or wind in excess of the applicable building code parameters.

Acts of Nature:

This warranty does not cover natural disasters, such as earthquakes, shifts of terrain or tornados.  If the structure is installed in an area exposed to hurricanes, removal of the shade fabric is required when a hurricane warning is issued.

The fabric must be removed by authorized personnel, in accordance with manufacturer instructions.


The structural integrity of the steel shall be warranted for twenty years against failure due to faulty workmanship.  This warranty includes the frames, fittings and cable.

Powder Coating:

Coatings are warranted for one year against deterioration or faulty workmanship.


The fabric and sewn composite shade covering shall have a warranty of ten years against failure from significant fading, deterioration, breakdown, mildew, outdoor heat, cold or discoloration.  The first six years are fully warranted, and then prorated for the remaining four years.  Red color combinations are warranted against significant fading for three years.

  • Fabric shall be warranted for gusts up to ninety mph, and sustained winds up to 76mph (hurricane force 1).  The fabric warranty is void if gusts are in excess of ninety mph.
  • Fabric shall be warranted against excessive loss of color that may render it unserviceable under normal exposure conditions, including sunlight, rot and normal atmospheric chemicals.
  • Fabric shall be warranted against wearing or blowouts due to wind caused by improper design, or installation (if such installation is done in strict compliance with specifications).  Under extreme wind conditions that exceed our design capacity, it is advisable to remove the shade fabric from the structure. Failure to remove the fabric shall void the fabric warranty.


Installations done by Austin Custom Shades are warranted for a period of ten years against structural failure due to faulty installation.

Labor for the removal, installation and/or freight charges will only be covered if Austin Custom Shades or its agents installed the structure.